Our Values & Beliefs

Our Values & Beliefs

We believe our school should:

· Ensure our children set high standards for themselves and that we should support them in their quest to achieve these standards.

· Provide a balanced education with an emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy.

· Provide a high quality committed staff who hold high, achievable expectations of children and themselves.

· Prepare children to be life long learners through the development of the 5 key competencies of:

- Managing Self,

- Using Language Symbols and Texts,

- Relating to Others,

- Participating and Contributing, and

- Thinking.

· Develop a learning environment where children are confident, creative, enthusiastic, self-motivated learners.

· Provide a school culture where teachers are valued, supported and encouraged to grow professionally.

· Respect the multi cultural nature of our school community.

· Develop, through our learning programmes, an understanding of the environment we live in and teach our children their responsibility to help sustain this environment.

· Provide a safe physical and emotional learning environment.

· Promote positive social values through our foundation rocks.

· Promote positive community partnerships.